All of our products will work in concrete.

Tumbled Glass & Pebbles (high-tumbled glass) … The easiest product because you simply “seed” (toss/sprinkle) them over the top of your troweled concrete, re-trowel lightly to tamp them in, and you’re done because they have no sharp edges.  Safe for a muriatic acid clean/scrub after the concrete dries (some concrete installers use this method for their aggregate installations).

Chips, glass… These are also seeded over the concrete like any other aggregate, but because of their sharp edges, we highly recommend grinding them once the concrete is dry to obtain a smooth, flat surface.  Safe for a muriatic acid clean/scrub after the concrete. A sealant may be a good idea because the chips may not set deep into the concrete. Choose sealant that will not yellow from sun exposure, as it may affect the performance of the glow. Glass Chips are safe for use with muriatic acid and acid products.

Pigment- Sand or Powder. Ultra bright. These products provide you the option of inserting glow in crevices and other small areas. Also ideal as a topcoat treatment on existing concrete, tile, etc. These products are generally used with liquid carriers(eg. lacquer, sealant, glue, or epoxies). The sand or powder can easily be blown away if not used with a carrier. The sand version is similar in consistency to kosher salt and can ONLY be used with solvent based, clear fluids. DO NOT allow contact with any water or expose to high humidity. Powder is available in both a solvent version to be used with solvent based fluids or as a waterbased version for used in waterbased fluids. Contact us for installation instructions. Available in aqua blue, deep blue, or green glow.

Smooth Stones, Cobbles, and Classic Stones, plastic… Expect to take more time on specific placement and/or trowelling in order to adhere on the flat side, resulting in wide exposure.  Do not use acid (muriatic or other) to clean; it will cloud the surface, blocking light absorption.