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Glow-in-the-dark stones for driveways, paths, landscaping, counter tops, tables.

Tumbled Glass Glow Stones 4

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Made from ceramic, these glowstones come in 3 colors and 4 different sizes. ..

Samples 4

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The best way to start a project is with a sample. Testing our products is the best way to know that our produc..

Plastic Glow Stones 3

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Our plastic glowstones are molded from resin, and come in 3 different stone styles, and each style is availabl..

Pigments And Sand 2

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Our glow pigments and glow sand can be used in myriad of applications but require a DIY spirit. ..

Glass Droplets 5

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Our Droplets come in 5 sizes. This delightful shape is just what it says.a drop of molten glass, ready to glow..

Beads 1

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These plastic glow beads are available in 2 different colors. The beads are pre-drilled with a center hole, ma..