The pictures below represent the level of density we use to calculate needed pounds of product for your project. This is intended as a starting point. You may want to adjust for more or less coverage.

To figure the square footage for your project:

  • Multiply the width of one side, in feet, times the length of one side, in feet, of your driveway or space.¬† This is your needed square footage.
  • Divide your square feet by 16 (the level of coverage in the pictures above. This is your needed pounds.
  • If you desire some or all of your areas to be more or less dense, figure accordingly.
  • Example: 20’x40′ driveway = 800 sq. ft. divided by 16 = 800/16 = 50 lbs. = discount (Discounts start at 18 lbs. Contact us for the latest prices.)
  • This density of coverage will provide you with about 8 points of glow per square foot using the plastic Classic Stones; and about 30-40 points of glow using the size Large Tumbled Glass. See pictures above.