All of our products are made from either plastic or glass/ceramic. For the most part the products can be used interchangeably but for certain projects one is better suited than the other. The plastic products are molded, so the same shapes will be repeated over and over. In general the plastics products offer better value as they are less dense than the glass and thus get more pieces per pound. The glass stones better mimic natural stones as they are not molded, so their exact shape and size are always unique. Although our glass products come in 3 different glow colors, they all look the same, a cloudy white with greenish tint, during the day. The plastic stones do look different in their day and glow colors, as such our plastic stones are listed with both their day and glow colors, whereas the glass stones are only listed by their glow colors.

The plastic products come in 3 styles, Classic, River, and Cobble. Each style is available in upto 7 colors. The glass stoned come in 4 different sizes, the smallest are called Chips, similar in size to a crushed potato chip. The next 3 sizes are medium, large and x-large. These 3 products undergo a tumbling process to remove all the sharp edges.