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Tumbled Large
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Droplets Small
Droplets Med.
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Droplets X-Large
Droplets X-Small
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Color choices are glow color. Images show day color.

To see each item in detail with day and glow pictures please check here.


The best way to try our products is by sampling them.

Each sample contains 1/4 lb of the chosen product.

Dimensions: Please note the tumbled products have randomness to their sizes.

Glass Chips : less than 3/16″
Glass Medium: sizes range. At longest they are 3/16″ up to 3/8″
Glass Large: sizes range. At longest they are 3/8” up to 1-1/4″
Glass x-large : sizes range.  At longest they are between 1″ and 2 1/2 “
The droplets are uniform in size, they are flat on the bottom and curved on the top.
Droplets P: Round in shape, Tiny glass balls approx 1/5” under 1 mm
Droplets A: Circle in shape with diameter of 3/8″
Droplets B: Oval in shape,width of approx  .8″ and height of 1″
Droplets C:  Oval in shape,width of approx 1.1” and height of 1.3”
Droplets D: Oval in shape,width of approx  1-1/2″ and height of 1-7/8″

Important Glow Info

How long does the glow last?

How much glow stones do I need?

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